Our services are supported with a real update of the routes that handle the major global shipping lines of Shipping





We have a highly qualified team which supervises transit times, routes, cancellations of scale, disruption of climate in ports, to prevent your product, be delayed or, being affected by his time at destination, giving you viable information between shipper and consignee. The shipment of full container load, LTL, or oversized cargo handling hazardous cargo has a real time backup; you are invited to feel cared for.




Our air services are supported by use of principal international airlines that fly around most international airports. We are experts working on traffic México/Perú, that’s why our principal point of connection is from Benito Juarez, on México City and Jorge Chavez in Lima ,Perú. This  traffic is controlled by our own offices. We understand special necessities of our customers, that’s why we work at the best way as possible. We can carry merchandising with special measures, weights, dimensions and we can bring you the best option.


We are not an insurance company, but we work to ensure your merchandise of any unexpected: theft of goods, partial or total damage by accident, partial or total damage by weather, we have a specialized insurance policy for customers of freight forwarders, count with it.




We have agreements with leading ground service which enables us to ensure optimal internal logistics from any source to the output port you tell us.



As a freight forwarder we have the services of customs clearance in order to meet any term of this shipment is import and export terms.
In additional port can perform any maneuver or any need to move that need your goods, whether mobilization, storage, packaging, a complete logistic service fully functional.