ABOUT US      

We were born 10 years ago as a young and dynamic project in maritime cargo handling, we have made our dream of being an international Freight Forwarder, be a leader in sending containers to South America and Central America, our support is the work done in each of the shipments handled by our firm, confidence is an event won by a human effort, called: Customer Service.

Mexico and Peru are part of EMM GROUP, commercially they have a commitment to advance the improvements that allow us to be at the forefront of International Shipping, this is done by a specialist team that will inform you the best way to transport your products.

Our Mission:
We are a logistics company that develops optimizing resources through well-coordinated operations and constant monitoring. In this way, we effectively meet the needs of our customers.

Our Visión:
To be the best alternative for shipping logistics, air and land, especially in America.